Saturday, November 12

And What a Party it Was

All Friday afternoon we kept the motel door open in order to see the air show acts fly by as they practiced. Many others did the same and as each plane came over people spilled out into the parking lot, looking skyward. Late in the afternoon Judy and Tony DeSantis appeared, also Jake and Peggy who had fetched Dave Buffington from the airport train. Dave checked in and we all headed for the airport as the evening show started overhead. There we were joined by Bob Gross and my sister, Kitty White.
This was a fund raiser and so was attended by the public as well as the air show participants. a large crowd. As the sun was setting, the acts continued and they were unique. The traditional parachuter with the flag was circled by two planes spouting smoke on his way down. Just at dusk the Black Diamonds did a formation routine that was stunning. They had lights all over the planes including illumination of the smoke plumes and the effect was out of this world. There was a helicopter flying formation with two small planes and on and on. Near the end of this show, several more people parachuted in very close to where everyone was sitting.
A very nice dinner was being served meantime: jambalaya, boneless wings, meatballs, penne pasta with chicken and sides. Just after dark the fireworks started, first being launched from a plane and then planes with sparkling trails coming from the wings. After that, a traditional fireworks display accompanied by patriotic music but just right in front of us so that you had to look straight up to enjoy them. After the finale, there was a huge BOOM and a wall of fire ignited down the runway. It must have been 12 feet high and was very, very long. We all jumped to our feet in shock. These folks really know how to put on a show.

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