Monday, November 14

The Show

Our position for the show is off the main drag a bit behind another DC-3 operated by a missionary group and nestled behind the Eastern Airlines DC-7B. We feel like this is a good place to be as the show is HUGE and it will lessen the onslaught of the masses. There is a full carnival midway here in addition to all the regular air show things. This is a big event in Stuart and there has been write up in the local newspaper everyday. Bob Gross and his son, Riley, join us this morning. Bob performs a thirty day inspection on the plane, see photo of him inspecting the wing.
The crowds are large but because of our admission charge, we keep from being overwhelmed. Only the truly interested come aboard. Sheryl's father and sister come to visit, Peggy's former sister-in-law and her family are there also as well as Jake's friend Muddy Rivers. We do a decent job of selling shirts and collecting admissions and have a two day take almost twice of what we had a MacDill. The hospitality tent has a great lunch catered by Outback Steakhouse and HUGE cookies in various flavors.
On Sunday, We 2 Duets, Judy DeSantis and her partner Chris Mazzella, perform live duets of songs from the 30's and 40's. They put on an excellent show and we gather an appreciative crowd. Our crew varies their arrival and departure times but local members Bill and Michelle Brooks are invaluable in picking up the slack the team seems to be operating on fumes as the season winds down.
Tony and Judy host us and other assorted people, including the Coast Guard at their lovely home for an Italian dinner on Saturday evening. It was a great party with a lot of interesting people to talk with.
The actual air show here was long and totally above average. They had everything from sky divers to wing walkers. They also did an excellent job of traffic control, there were huge numbers of cars to get in and out and there were no delays in either direction on either day.
As we packed up Sunday night we arranged things differently because this is the season end. Our emotions are mixed, we are tired and tarmac weary, but on the other hand, we will be missing our road buddies as we have formed an incredibly close bond with our fellow Flagship devotees.
Monday morning we are again out early to move the plane back to the flight line and do a heritage flight for 17 passengers. Thanks so much to Dennis Pugsley for bringing in six of those new members. Word has it that just as Dennis was convincing one of the folks, the Flagship flew over on a training flight and that sealed the deal!!
The Christians, plus Dave Buffington and Bob Gross will fly to Covington, GA this afternoon. Tony will follow in his own plane. Dave and Tony will do check rides for their type ratings later in the week and Bob will head to his cabin in TN. Then the Flagship will go back to Ft. Worth for the winter.
See you guys in the spring!!

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