Thursday, November 10

Meanwhile on the other coast

No rush this morning...the five remaining meet at 9AM for breakfast in the mess hall. This is the best deal ever, they have everything one could conceive of to eat and this morning at rock bottom prices.
Peggy and Jake are off to drive to her home in Jupiter. Tony, Gene and I are flying to his home in Stuart, FL. We get off about 11AM.
I am nervous about all the birds around and glad when we reach an altitude high enough to be away from them. We stop by Lake Okeechobee on the way to let Tony practice landings and we have lunch there. Then on to Stuart. There is a bit of an oversupply of fuel as we left Tampa full and are getting filled up again in Stuart. The thought is to take the last of our gas after the heritage flight on Monday.
We are staying with Tony and Judy DeSantis until Thursday when the air show hotel rooms become available. Their very spacious home has the St. Lucie river to the back and loads of room with all the Florida accoutrements: screened pool, hot tub, boat and dock. After resting, we regroup for a nice dinner with great conversation.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, the men go out to fly for Tony's training as he is planning to go back to Covington and take his check ride for his type rating. Occasionally we hear and see the plane go over the house.
Wednesday afternoon Tony and Gene arrive home about four with Jake and Peggy. Peggy has been wanting me to see her home in Jupiter so we decide to spend the night with them and head south. First stop is an outdoor Tiki bar on the water called the Square Grouper. It has a great atmosphere and view. Peggy says Perry Como used to live right across the inlet from it. We pass what formally was Burt Reynolds' theater and then go to Peggy's house.
Wow! It is a small home in a cookie cutter neighborhood, but she completely remodeled it and it is a stunner! It is so warm and so well put together. She has a wide circle of friends who were scouting for good deals and she scored some amazing purchases to put this place together. She has prepared a delicious beef stew for our dinner along with all the sides. The four of us never lack for conversation and laughter and after dinner we repair to the pool enclosure to continue the fun until we run out of steam.
Thursday morning, our hostess with the mostess cooks us a wonderful breakfast complete with Benton's bacon imported from Tennessee. Then it is time to head north again to Stuart to move the airplane into position for the show. We pick up rental cars and arm bands and go to the hotel to check in. Tony, Jake and Peggy also get rooms to make sure we have the rooms allotted to our group for the show. Then we go our separate ways and plan to meet again at the party on Friday night.

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