Tuesday, August 19

Back to Shelbyville

Blake and Gene :Two buddies doing what they love most
The latest adventure of the merry band of Flagship volunteers started in Shelbyville, TN where the plane has been resting for several weeks. On Thursday, August 14, Gene and Sheryl Christian drove up from the Atlanta area to find Zane Lemon who had flown in from Dallas. Gene and Zane immediately started working on the three take offs and landings that Zane needed to be current in the airplane. Meanwhile Sheryl drove into town to the accountant's office to pick up the latest tax return for our records.
Before long, Blake Butler joined us. Blake had signed up about 19 new members and we were to treat them to their membership flight that afternoon.  Sheryl changed into her "stewardess" uniform and started signing folks up as they arrived. Just before 6PM we took these people up for the time of their lives. We split the members into two flights due to weight limits.  A wonderful flight on a day of perfect weather with an uncharacteristic coolness in the air.
Upon landing we discovered that David Gorrell had arrived from Utah, as well as Jim and Evelyn Skelly from Tampa. Everyone worked on putting the plane away for the night. By this time it was almost 8PM. We stopped and picked up fried chicken and sides in town and then adjourned to Blake's charming home for dinner.  He graciously put two couples up for the night while the other two people bunked in George Dennis' log cabin next door.
Bright and early the next morning, we were up and out. We stopped for breakfast as with the Flagship, one never knows when the next meal will be and sure enough our next meal was after 8PM that evening. Next stop Chicago, where Deanna Lemon and Jane Gorrell will join us.
It was a lovely flight and as we reached the mid west
we could see green, green squares of land delineated by light colored roads. In each square would be a home place and several outbuildings. The heartland and bread basket of America.                                             

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