Thursday, August 29

Hangin Up His Hat

On Friday, August 16th,  our two newest Captains Lemon and Smail guided the Flagship through stormy skies northward from Vero Beach, FL. Oh yeah, Captain Christian was along for the ride. Weather was an issue with light rain giving way to outright thunder storms in places. One really big cluster of storms was encountered in the Jacksonville area. Our pilots are so very grateful for the help and interaction received from the air traffic controllers at Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center.
Destination was Covington, Georgia. Weather was the same there. Fairly low clouds, light rain. So the new Captains decided the "old man" would make the landing, which he did with ease. She came down out of the clouds and landed like a feather.
After a nice lunch on the square in Covington, the Christians ferried Zane and Rick to Hartsfield where one took American and one took Delta back to their respective homes. Gene and Sheryl are working on cleaning and organizing the interior of the plane (anyone know when the cockpit and bathroom floors were last cleaned?).
The Flagship will next appear in Galesburg, Il at the Stearman Fly In. I would say she will definitely be head and shoulders above that crowd. Dates on this event are September 5-7. 

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