Thursday, August 15

Hanger Flying

The Flagship Detroit has spent the last couple of weeks in Ft. Pierce, FL undergoing a 150 hour inspection at the hands of the folks from Missionary Flight International. That is a big one...nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip and all in between. Some of our crew has been in and out to aid in turning wrenches and so forth. They are: Tony DeSantis, Bill Brooks, Don Page, George Dennis, Gene Christian and Rick Smail. Gene and Rick have been in Ft. Pierce since last weekend.
Zane Lemon, Steve Rabb, Rick Smail
Now this is not going to fool the old timers, but do you
notice something odd about this photo of the Flagship. See the wheels? See the title of this blog? Ever wonder how you can test the landing gear while on the ground? Here she is, soaring off the ground in the hanger. Oh, see  that tripod thingy on the right and the rod sticking up from it to the wing? That is a jack. Yes, the plane is up on jacks. Very strong jacks, I might add.
Gene washing an engine.
The inspection was finished on Monday. Gene, Rick and Zane Lemon finished installing the engine cowlings on Tuesday and then moved the plane to Vero Beach. There they did training in preparation for Zane and Rick to be examined to get their DC3 type ratings. The examination was today and TA-DAH....we have two new Captains. Zane Lemon, our president who stood back and let everybody else go first and Rick Smail, our token  Delta guy from Park City, Utah. Congratulations, guys!
Tomorrow, Friday, August 15, Gene and Rick will fly the plane northward...destination still undetermined. Either Covington, GA or Shelbyville, TN.  Stay tuned.  Next assignment is Stearman Fly In in Galesburg, Il. the first week in September.

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