Tuesday, July 17

On to New York City

Before we leave the subject of Terre Haute behind, here is a photo of our wonderful hosts along with Gene, David and Zane.  Then it was off early on Sunday for JFK in New York where our host is American Airlines. The plane is housed in their maintenance hanger where our crew and some of their crew worked to bring the Flagship back to a mirror like shine....yes, she looks like a mirror. There's Gene in the mirror of the prop dome.  Interesting perspective.

Here is a photo of two American maintenace mechanics, Lavere Deane and Frank Azzurro, who were VERY helpful to our crew. The reason the FSD is in New York is to be part of the retirement celebration for Azriel "Blackie" Blackman, who has been a mechanic for American for 70 years. Yes, I said 70.
Here are some photos of that event. Later in the day, the Flagship will take Blackie and some of his family and friends up the Hudson River.

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