Wednesday, July 18

More from the Big Apple

Just a note to say that Al is NOT retiring, he was just being honored for his 70years of service. He intends to keep working for American and working on old airplanes at a nearby aviation museum on his days off. Al graduated from Manhattan Aviation High School where he got his mechanics license and went right to work for American Export Airlines which later became part of American Airlines.  He is 86 years young.

Another note: Although the large graphic on the wall may appear to be projected there ,it is actually a permanent mural on the wall of the hanger where Al will be working. Above is a photo of Al talking with David Gorrell. My on the scene photographers failed to capture a face to face photo of Al, but there is hope yet. Stay tuned.
I think we all really missed the flight of a lifetime up the Hudson in the Flagship.I am posting several photos from that. There is to be a media flight Wednesday with the New York Times and writers from various aviation you may see FSD featured in your favorite magazine.  Later today she heads west towards Wichita.

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