Wednesday, February 15

Finally on the Move

Valentine's Day, languishing at the airport in Laredo waiting for the fog to burn off. Yawn. Yawn. One by one the planes that did not leave yesterday, leave today. Finally at 1PM, they decide that maybe IFR is not so bad after all and about 30 minutes later we launch. We are above the clouds in the sunlight in 5 minutes. Blessedly it is not cold. In fact, we are shedding jackets. There are just four of us so we are all in the cockpit for most of the flight.
At San Antonio, the clouds go away and we can see the ground and landmarks from then on.We phoned Cal Moreland as we passed Grandview but got voice mail. We have a hefty tail wind and so the trip is shortened. We are happy to see the hangers of Alliance ahead of us. No on is happier than the Flagship. Though a winter in Florida is great, she is glad to be home. Jeff has arrived at Alliance about 20 minutes ahead of us and meets us with a cart to transport us and our luggage. He whisks us out to the front where Lynn Buffington awaits and soon we are off to a Mexican restaurant and margaritas. A mission that is both rewarding and frustrating. Nothing else on the books until April except some fine tuning and maintenance.
Last photo is of the red carpet donated by Stuart Jet Center so the Flagship can truly be a first class operation. This should cut down on debris tracked in to the plane. Alas, although Dennis washed the floor cloths while in Florida, they are pretty dirty from our soppy trip across the country.
Footnote: Learned with shock tonight that Dennis Pugsley, who was perhaps the least prepared for the cold in Laredo, is in the hospital with double pneumonia. Get well quick, Dennis!

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