Tuesday, February 14

And Wait Some More

Monday morning there is much study of weather patterns on laptops, ipads and smart phones to see if we can get to Fort Worth today. The forecast looks promising for later in the day. Buff takes Peggy and Jim to the commercial terminal and when he returns, the remaining troopers pile in the cars and head to the airport. The headquarter for the air show was a very large and very empty part of the building. Barren except for chairs and tables in a break room. Unknown to me there is a large and luxuriously appointed FBO on the left end of the building. It has two large rooms, the first with a group of leather recliners sofas and chairs surrounding a huge TV. It also has several computer stations and a dining table. The second room has a large circle of comfy couches and the business end of the operation. This morning it is full of fly boys and girls looking to get back home. We get our airplane fueled and oil and do some more study as one by one the other planes fire up and launch.
A group enters the room and suddenly a small dog wearing a hoodie leaps into my lap and cuddles up. I had seem him with his owner in the break room the day before. His owner approaches and berates him, urging him to come with her, but he just snuggles down closer. In disgust, she walks out of the room. Somewhat later she returns and again calls the dog, who sits at attention, ears up, but does not move. She comes over and whacks his bottom and says "Come on!" and he does. Never in all of this does the woman look at or address me. I found all this to be highly amusing!
In early afternoon, the skies clear and the weather finally begins to warm. It is looking great here but not at Alliance in Ft. Worth where we need to go. Alas, we turn in the rental cars, make reservations and are picked up by a Fairfield Inn shuttle to stay another night. View from our room is illustrated on the right. The hotel is across from a mall and we spot a Logan's Roadhouse that we can walk to. There the beer and tequila flows and the nachos and queso along with them. After awhile Sheryl leaves to do mundane chores like laundry. She and Gene have been on the road twelve days. Dennis leaves with her and bids fond farewell to his new "mates" as he is catching the shuttle back to the airport and flying back to DFW and then Palm Beach this afternoon.
Meanwhile, the "boys" move the party back to the hotel and continue swapping lies until late into the evening.
Tuesday morning, things are looking promising for Ft. Worth, ground fog along the way that should burn off. At breakfast we notice the waffles are in the shape of the state of Texas. That is one of the things I love about Texas...ever seen a waffle shaped like Alabama or Georgia?
Back in the room we notice that the fog has worsened. Gene reports that Jeff's flight to DFW has been canceled due to the weather. He now has the dilemma of taking the 1PM flight and being late to work for sure or gambling on going with us and perhaps being on time to work, but having a car at DFW.
We pack up and head to the FBO. As we travel, the fog gets worse. By the time we reach the airport it is like pea soup and we can barely make out the shape of our airplane even though it is really close by.
We load luggage, clean up the cabin and do all the things to prepare for take off. Then we go back to the FBO to amuse ourselves with TV and computers while we wait for the fog to lift. There are increasing numbers of people in the same boat. It is not almost noon and while it is somewhat brighter, there is still a ways to go....stay tuned.

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