Sunday, July 31

Rocky Mountain High

Thursday weather was clear and breezy as we prepared to depart the Air National Guard base for the short flight to Rocky Mountain airport. Again there were helpful soldiers in golf carts around to lend assistance, if needed.
The FBO at Rocky Mountain is situated with a perfect view of the majestic, snow capped Rocky Mountains with Denver sitting in valley below. The place is pristine, with lush green grass, and tables on a patio in the shade of a tree. Larry Jamison met us, having flown back the night before with his friend. Larry spends half the year at a home near here and he is to provide airport transportation. But first we have a nice lunch at the cafe in the FBO. Larry then takes half the group to a nearby bus stop and returns to take the remainder to the airport where we all regroup.
Things do not look good for riding passes today as American has canceled one of the flights to Dallas and so the remainder end up heavily oversold. Never fear, Buff, Zane and Jeff are working on solutions and soon we are all headed home on Frontier Airlines. This proves better for Lewis and the Christians as there are direct flights to Atlanta and Nashville. This was an easy and fun filled trip. We will meet here again in two weeks for the rest of this Western adventure. Join us!

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