Sunday, July 31

Air Power

Because we had a large crew, half went to the show early and the remainder were to follow an hour later. The late group ran into problems, not knowing that the participant gate closed at 9 AM and we had not left the hotel until well after that hour. OOPS! A policeman pointed us to another gate which we were sure did not exist until it did which some of our soldiers were guarding. They summoned a golf cart which led us through the "back alleys" to get us back to where we needed to be. Thanks guys!
We got there just in time to see the Thunderbirds take off. Unfortunately their show was held at another location, but they did do one maneuver over the field for us to see. The show was well attended and we had a line of 20-30 waiting to see the Flagship all day. The people were very interested, and the children were well behaved. There were plenty of us to take turns at all the positions and to relieve one another for the hot dog and hamburger lunch provided by the show.
As we were headed to our cars one of the organizers invited us into the welcome center for a drink. As we sat there, the rain that had threatened all afternoon finally came. Perfect timing.
Dinner was again at the Bunkhouse and this time we were joined by Lee and Susan Robinson who are life members of the Flagship organization. Lewis and Buff had met them at a previous airshow and ended up spending several days at their home when there was an accommodation glitch. Lee and Susan are very nice and friendly folk and we enjoyed meeting them. They might just join us at the Grand Canyon next month. Tonight we were seated in the room with the band and enjoyed watching the cowboys and cowgirls dance. Later one of the the cowboys started dancing with the women in our group. We were just sure that he had a ranch over the hill, but it turns out he had a doctorate in psychology. Never judge a book by its cover.

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