Monday, February 14

Super Bowl Fly By

Hmmm, does that wing look familiar? And how 'bout that stadium? Yep, that's our Flagship and that is the site of the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Seems the organizers of the event chose an aviation theme and had different aircraft do fly overs on the days leading up to the game.

Lucky us. The Flagship Detroit did its fly over between 5 and 6PM on Saturday, just one day prior to the game. So more people were on hand to see us go over than the prior flights. The Captain on the flight was John Thatcher with Dave Buffington serving as First Officer and Peggy Fairchild as Stewardess. There were 17 fortunate passengers on board, mostly from American Airlines. The Flagship did its first fly by to the east, made a wide circle and came back to the west. What fun!

The first air show of the season was to be in Laredo on February 13. And starting in March there is a full schedule, including a trip to the West Coast. Be sure to check the calendar on the website and join us for a good time.

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