Thursday, December 16


After Sky Ball, the flagship had one more duty... Expo 2010 at DFW on Friday, December 10. Trippe Drake and Gene Christian left Murray, KY and Covington, GA respectively in the wee hours and were met at DFW by Dave Buffington who ferried them to Alliance Field to ready the plane for departure. Buff was unable to work the show due to a prior commitment. The plane was flown to DFW and parked in an AA hanger where it was toured by hundreds of local students. When the expo ended at 1 PM, the guys cleaned up, and flew back to Alliance where they got a ride back to DFW(there was a lot of back and forth between the two airports in the air and on the ground) to catch flights back home. It had been a long, long day for those two when they arrived at their homes that night.

And next is the upcoming inspection in January, so if you can go out and help, do so. So, until the spring air show season starts, that's all about the spinning cyclones for now.

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