Tuesday, December 14

Playing Catch Up

Sorry to have been gone from these pages so long. I have had technical difficulties with the on site reporters, namely that they are not reporting. They vow to send me their memories to pass on and that is as far as it goes. Recently, I was lamenting this to Dave Gorrell and he said I should just pester them more persistantly...and guess what?? It worked!

Thanks so much to George Dennis, Gene Christian, Lewis Drake and Tony DiSantis for the info and photos that I am about to share with you.

The Flagship appeared at the Vectren Air Show in Dayton Ohio on July 17-18. The team included George Dennis, Dave Buffington, Lewis Drake, John Thatcher and Dave Gorrell. The show was well organized and the people were great to work with. The plane flew everyday. One of the passengers on one flight was a free lance writer for World Airshow Magazine. He later wrote about the Flagship in a piece that was published inside the back cover of the magazine, a prime location. After this show, the Flagship stayed where she was and the crew scattered for a few days, meeting up again the next weekend in preparation for Air Adventure in Oshkosh.

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