Saturday, July 24

Sister Ship

For years a derelict DC3 has languished at the edge of the tarmac at the Covington, Georgia airport while many people were sad at her fate. Lo and behold about two months ago word was that a Brit had bought it and was set to restore it. Sure enough a team of very personable hard working British lads (like 3) descended upon her and began to work almost around the clock. The goal was to finish in time for Oshkosh. Gene has been checking on their progress and I have been out a few times also. The head guy, Clive, is very nice and seems to love to chat if he can keep on working at the same time. About two weeks ago the pilot and a couple of other workers arrived, including a woman.
Word was they might fly it last night but we live quite near the airport and heard nothing. Today Gene went out to check and around 2PM called and said that one engine was running and would I like to come out. I jumped in the car and would have sped over had I not gotten behind someone going 45 I lollygagged over.
When I arrived I was shocked to see about 60 people scattered about the tarmac, most with cameras. The plane was about to taxi. Clive's very brown arm waved to the crowd and out to the taxiway they went. The engines were very much quieter than the Flagship. Soon they taxied and took off but we saw a lot of oil coming from the engines. It was quite exciting, but alas, they circled and came back down. Seems the oil thermostat on the left engine was stuck in the closed position and the oil was overheating. And this was a brand new part. Now it is back to the drawing board, but with the delay at Oshkosh, the thing is still doable. All you folks up there, look these guys up. See photos for description. On the opposite side of the Union Jack is a logo that says "No sleep until Oshkosh,"

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