Monday, April 5

One More Thing

When the plane arrived in Shelbyville, there was Dan Gable, who had read of its arrival on the website, jumped in his Cessna 210 and hopped on over to greet and be of help. After they got the ol' gal buttoned up, Dan went home, only to reappear bright and early on Saturday morning for the EAA Fly-In breakfast with hopes of perhaps getting some recurrent training. Alas, discretion being the better part of valor, this was not to be as the wind was at least 13 knots. He decided to come back for the April Ground School (see details below). Since the Flagship did need to be moved from its display area to the tie down area, Dan, with Gene tagging along took care of this task, Thus ended a busy 11 days.

The Flagship is resting now in preparation for her next debut at Shelbyville Ground School. This school, I believe is entitled, "Things that go bump in the night (and other horrors)." But then I could be wrong about that. Officially it unfolds like this: On Friday, April 9th recurrent flight training will be held in the afternoon. Saturday morning at 8AM (sharp) Initial Ground School (for newbies) will convene and last until noon. At 1PM Recurrent Ground School will start and last until 1PM on Sunday (with some sort of break I understand.....Miller Time, perhaps?). Sunday afternoon there will be more recurrent flight training and initial flight training, lasting over until Monday morning, if need be. B there or B square! Contact George Dennis for scheduling.

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