Saturday, March 27


Wednesday was to be a training day. And because the weather was bad the pick up in Mytrle Beach was postponed until Friday so Thursday was also set aside for training. Zane Lemon had flown in from Dallas on Tues. So he and Bill trained as well. Tony DeSantis and his son, David have flown in from Stewart, FL in their Cirrus. This is Tony's initial intro to the DC3. They practice engine starts and taxiing which is a challenge in a tail wheel aircraft. The instructor is impressed with Tony though he protests to feeling helpless.
The guy in the left seat of an airplane is called "Pilot in Command" because he is the captain of the ship just like on the ocean. His word is law. So here we have a group of folks used to being in command...all chiefs, no indians. Wednesday night Lewis gives the car keys to Gene in resignation after having all the grief he can stand from the group critisizing his driving. Gene promptly runs the car up on a curb. Now they have a new target!
On Thursday night they finally get to the Irish Pub so long awaited and find that it is within walking distance of the motel. They also find it a delightful place as advertised with horseshoes, darts and volleyball. A good time was had by all.

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