Wednesday, March 18

Behind the Scenes

It has been quite awhile since our last post in September. During our stay in Sioux Falls, the pilots noticed signs that one of our engines was nearing the end of its life. It was not unexpected, but nevertheless inconvenient as winter comes early in South Dakota and immediate care was needed to move the plane to a maintenance facility. After much dedicated work by our crew and a local mechanic the Flagship went to an American Airlines Maintenance facility in Tulsa, where she has been since.
A dedicated crew of volunteers has been working on her for the last six months, not just on engine replacement, but going over her with a fine tooth comb from nose to tail. She should be shining like a new dime when she leaves there.
The new engine was tested earlier this week and passed so it should be soon on its way to Tulsa to be installed.
Following is a list of some of the names and some of the tasks as listed by our maintenance chief, Jim Gentry. All these folks are American Airlines employees who spend their off hours back at work detailing the Detroit.
Ben Jarvis has been hunting for a new engine mount at a reasonable price as well as several other parts. Bill Brown and Ben have been refurbishing a tired narcelle. Phil Phillips has installed new O rings in the hydraulic valves and reinstalled the valves. Ballard has been doing his magic on the gauge plumbing and wiring. Mark Rogers has accomplished many tasks but is now reassembling the oil tank. Gary West continuing to work all over the plane. Rich Boom performing his voodoo to get the parts painted. Cheryl, Ethan and others doing so many important tasks.
Dave Romere finishing LED wiring and working in a maze of instrument panel wiring to install new gauges. Patrick Mitchell has had to lie down to do the tedious job of under floor cleaning, priming and installing floorboards in the center aisle.
Those of us who travel with the airplane are grateful to this dedicated group of people who keep us and the airplane in the air. Hopefully in a few weeks she will be released with a clean bill of health and looking like a million dollars. Thanks, guys!

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