Tuesday, April 15

Sunny Florida

The Flagship Detroit recently appeared at the Florida International Air Show in Punta Gorda. Because she has a large following in south Florida, she had plenty of folks to attend to her needs and show her off as you can tell from the dinner photo below. As usual, she was a real hit.
 Following that she moved to Lakeland, FL for the very large and well attended Sun and Fun Fly In. This is a weeklong event and various crew members were in and out during the week including Peggy Fairchild, Steve Jacobson, John Thatcher, Matt McNamara (his first show), Dave Buffington and David Gorrell. She left Lakeland a bit earlier than planned due to weather concerns. John Thatcher, David Gorrell and Matt McNamara flew her to Shelbyville,TN and made their way home, leaving her in the care of our founder, George Dennis. Later in the week, Bob Gross and Scott Main came from Florida and flew her to Tulsa where there is a large American Airlines maintenance facility and Flagship fan club. She was to have wintered in Tulsa, but a number of minor issues prevented that. She will stay there, where she can be hangered until her next event.

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