Friday, February 1

Keeping Up The Pace

The Flagship Detroit is certainly not resting on her laurels in sunny Florida this winter.  You might call this a working vacation as she is earning her keep.  On January 19th and 20th she made a trip to Tampa where Flagship member Jim Skelly had arranged for a membership flight. More details of this trip to be published later.
Then on January 24 she appeared for the second time at La Bella Macchina in West Palm Beach at Jet Aviation on static display with other airplanes, glamorous women and expensive Ferrari automobiles. The picture at the top shows our intrepid crew along with an unidentified flapper and fly-boy. From left is Steve Jacobson, Tony DeSantis, our two visitors, Peggy Fairchild, Judy DeSantis, and Bob Gross. This year our own songbird, Judy DeSantis entertained with a medley of period melodies.
 The cute little Davis biplane pictured at right was also featured. Word is it was once flown by Howard Huges.
Rounding out the month, the Detroit made a day trip to Palatka for a fly in/air show. Flight crew were Captains Tony DeSantis and Bob Gross. Stewardess was Denis Pugsly, who was called "Denise" while in character. Bill and Michelle Brooks were there to man the sales table and Steve Jacobson was charged with crowd control. Eight new members made the trip along with several existing members. There were many vintage aircraft on display but the Flagship was the hit of the show. (Of course, we all knew that!) A free barbeque lunch was served by friendly locals. Tours of the plane were given to an interested group of visitors.And with this, the Flagship rounds up a fun and profitable January. Stay tuned, lots more to come in Florida in the next few months.

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