Sunday, July 8

The Smell of Av Gas, the Roar of the Crowd

Our crew gathered at Alliance Field in Fort Worth for the beginning of a four week tour through the Midwest and a jaunt to JFK in New York.  The Flagship had just undergone extensive inspections and maintenance and a short test flight was in order before launch.  And wouldn't you know it, a little glitch was discovered which sent Zane scrambling to find a part and involved several hours additional work.
All went well, however, and after a fueling stop in Sherman, TX our intrepid group was off to Dayton, OH for the Dayton Air Show arriving in the early evening on Friday.  The crew for this leg is Zane Lemon, John Thatcher, Gene Christian, David Gorrell, Jim Skelly, Rick Smail and Jeff Selby. Word is that they were met with golf carts loaded with beer so all is well.
The Dayton Air Show is known as one of the best and the crowds really come out for it, even when the temperature is 104, as it was on Saturday.  Most of them had sense to cover their heads or carry umbrellas or get under an airplane (see photo). There were cooling stations positioned around the show where one could walk under an arch of mist and there were long lines at these.  The hospitality crew at the show came by frequently with cold drinks and ice water soaked cloths to drape around one's neck. Sunday will feel downright pleasant with the high predicted at only 88.
The show itself lasted almost all day and that is what the people came for. Only a few were interested in touring the Flagship...her shadow turned out to be her most appealing feature.In the photo below, you can see a sea of patio umbrellas. Perhaps an area where one can rent some shade.

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