Monday, January 2

An Airplane Takes a Vacation

The Flagship Detroit has always been a docile and obedient sort of airplane. She has had a long and sometimes distinguished career. After all, she is celebrating her 75th birthday right about now and she has long years of experience in doing what is asked of her without complaint. And what a grand old-er lady she is!
But it seems that she took a liking to south Florida on our recent visit there. Gosh, what was there not to like, blue skies, warm sun and cool breezes. After all, Ft. Worth weather is rather extreme, sitting out there on the edge of the prairie. A brutal summer with over two months of over 100 degrees and those blue northers that whip across Texas were not making her anxious to get home.
She willingly went back to Georgia and cooperated wonderfully as Tony DeSantis and Dave Buffington successfully passed their check rides. But, when it came time to go back home with Gene Christian and Dave Buffington, she balked. She just stamped her left tire and said, "Hey, I always do what you guys want. Can't a girl have a little fun when she turns 75!" So she dug her heels in and stayed in Georgia.
Finally, Bob Gross and Tony DeSantis figured it out. They came up and took her back to Florida for a fun time. She went to a spa outside of Miami and what fun she had. She got a manicure and pedicure, a new hair style and a few massages. Ate some seafood and took some nice walks. Then she said, "OK, guys, thanks for the respite. But I still want to have fun." And so she did.
Now all rejuvenated and resting in Stuart, Florida, she is keeping an eye on those good looking local pilots while looking forward to her next year of service. The big 75th birthday celebration year. Capt. Zane is hard at work on a schedule for the next season. So stay tuned for another year of fun with the Flagship. Oh, and if you are near Stuart, stop by and say hello. I understand Peggy, Jake, Tony and Judy are stopping by for tea tomorrow.

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