Monday, October 3

What happened to sunny?

The weather in Virginia has been warm, muggy and sometimes rainy since we arrived. All week the weatherman has said a front would go through and the weather would be sunny and 63 on Saturday. But then all that changed, the front stalled out and just kept pumping moisture into the area, however the temperature did drop, into the 50's.
Zane returned on Friday afternoon, so on Saturday, five brave souls headed out wearing all the warm clothes they could find or borrow into the rain and the wind for Leesburg airport. We were at the far end of the show which was fine after last weekend, and it was not a large show anyway. There were food booths and various vendors near the terminal.
Peggy, Sheryl and one pilot were in the plane all day, we did not set up anything outside. Peggy stayed halfway up the aisle where it was a little warmer as she was in her uniform and Sheryl, in several layers, worked the door. We had people standing in line for 30-40 minutes in the rain and wind all day to see our plane. There were times when the weather relented slightly and the parachutists were able to perform as well as the aerobatics. Sheryl was startled to find water dripping on her head and had to vary her position to avoid the drips. Free food was supposedly provided but it was too far away and so Steve bought food from the vendors and brought it to us and we ate where we were, except Peggy who hid in the lav to eat. Now that is a photo I wish I had!
The show was from 11-4 and we had people until 4:15. They were a good, interested crowd and their children were well supervised. Those of us in the plane found out later that most of the vendors had closed up and left a few hours before.
No one could feel their feet and upon reaching the hotel, everyone stood in tubs of hot water for quite some time before the feeling returned. We had a great dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant to cap off the week.
Peggy flew out of Dulles early Sunday. The rest of us had a very, very chilly flight back to Shelbyville. We had to fly high over clouds most of the way. We detoured over what we think was a retired pilots picnic....well somebody got a good look at us anyway! Back in Tennessee, was the lovely weather we thought we were going to have on Saturday. Zane and Jake practiced a few take offs and landings before George took them to Nashville to fly home. Gene and Sheryl retrieved their car and drove home.
Next mission is Meridianville, AL, near Huntsville on the 15th, followed by ground school the next week in Dallas, and the Alliance show and Sky Ball on the 22nd.

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