Sunday, August 14

Let the Fun Begin

Everyone is pleased with our accommodations at Hampton Inn which knows how to do it right. The employees introduce themselves and ask if your stay is enjoyable. They say do not hesitate to ask if you need anything and smile sincerely. We are impressed. They have an extensive breakfast menu with changing entree. We had omelets the first morning. Today it was southwest style steak and eggs with tortillas. They were very tasty.
Back to the airport and we do a more complete set up with merchandise since today was advertised in the local paper. We have a light but steady crowd all day and sell more things that I dreamed. Most importantly about eight 2X shirts which I had loudly proclaimed would never sell. The people are intelligent and interesting as well as very interested in the airplane. They have cute and well behaved children. This is a good gig.
Again the weather is perfect. It is windier and cooler than the day before. Jane and I have to get out from under the wing from time to time to warm in the sun. Gosh, that is a unique feeling!
Jack Greiner, the 90 year old, had flown this plane for American in 1943 and 1944 confirmed that Eleanor Roosevelt was a frequent passenger when she was first lady and always sat on the last seat on the right. Jack said he would come back to chat with her. He was giving a talk the previous evening, but has a long visit with us today. He and his wife join us for the evening flight.
Another good day for memberships and we end up with eleven happy souls flying with us. One group is the Moen clan, a ranching family who show up in boots and spurs straight from a riding competition. We ask them to remove the latter before entering the plane. One man has received the flight as a surprise birthday gift. We make a pass by Jack's home airport where an EAA meeting is going on. There are about 30 people out waving and taking photos. We make another pass by Jack's house so his neighbors can see this plane he used to fly. The remainder of the flight is a scenic tour north to Fort Collins and back, flying just to the east of the mountains. These passengers are really excited and happy. Many of them express their appreciation and tell me what a bargain this is. Peter Johnson, AA employee, has treated his grandson Dustin, who is having a really good time. Peter says he will be helping to cook BBQ on Thursday at the Denver airport where we will be the main attraction for Employee Appreciation Day. Again, we are landing just at sunset. And again we are 9PM seeking dinner and 10:30 getting back to the room. We bid farewell to the Gorrells as they are headed home in the morning to await our arrival in another week.

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