Thursday, June 30

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

The mission: FAA inspection in Richmond, VA. Gene Christian picked up his crew at Hartsfield on Sunday morning, June 26. Then it was back to Covington and a quick lunch before launch. Crew were Bob Gross, Tom Taff, Don Kos, Gene Christian and Riley Gross, 13. They were a little rushed due to a line of weather coming our way. A local member of the organization happened to be on approach and saw the Flagship in her turn after take off and said it was one of those moments that would stay with him the rest of his life. Yes, she is quite a sight.
Riley is learning to fly and got his log book signed for some instruction in the DC3. He looks quite professional in the left seat, doesn't he? Next generation coming on strong. That will be a story for him to tell in his later life. Captain Gross was able to log quite a few hours. Tom Taff's last two landings were incredible. Gene says the best he's ever seen, but I am wondering if he is remembering the one Jake made on the West Coast trip. Hmmmm, that was pretty slick, too.
After the inspection the plane made a visit to Shelbyville for fuel and lunch with George, then it was on to Ft. Worth, landing just before dark. It was a long day of flying and the guys were beat. The next morning Bob and Gene were up and out to the airport to catch flights home before daybreak.
Coming soon: Cheyenne....stay tuned.

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