Sunday, April 10

Hitting a Home Run

We will be in the new terminal Saturday as it is Friends and Family day. There is some confusion and we move twice before finally getting set up at a gate where our plane is clearly visible. There are a lot of people streaming in. Stages are set up at various points with various types of entertainment. Tables and booths are all over with things to give away, things to sign up for, and things to buy. All the shops and restaurants are also open. Tyler Florence is signing copies of his book.
Even though we are over in a corner, we get a lot of attention from the crowd. Unfortunately we have trouble getting people to the ramp to tour as no one has been through security and the TSA forbids it. Some AA employees with ramp badges do go through the plane. We have a number of people pre-registered for a 2PM flight and we add more to fill the flight. When an announcement is made to come see our plane take off, we suddenly are mobbed. Only Patti and I are at the table and we are overwhelmed with questions and people wanting flights. Before we know it, we have filled a second flight and are working on a third. In the end we have sold 38 new memberships to the foundation and given three flights. The last one lands about 6PM which is later than we thought we would be here. Patti, Buff and I load up our things and take them to an office in the old terminal. Anil gets the things that have been stored for a week and takes then to the tarmac. I have no clue how our set up things make it through security, but they do and are on the scene also. We dump the cooler and add ice for tomorrow's trip and again form a bucket brigade to load all our set up boxes, signs and merchandise boxes, then fuel the plane and head for the hotel via shuttle. It is 8:30 before we gather for dinner. The show is over and we are winding down. Tired but happy for our successful day. It is 11 before we leave the restaurant.

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