Tuesday, April 19

The Crew Dwindles

If this post seems out of order, it is because it is. This is the story of Friday, April 8. Like Jimmy Buffet and his brand new tatoo, how it got here, I haven't a clue.
Mary's son has picked her up Wednesday night to take her back to San Jose and the Gorrells have flown back to Utah on Friday morning. Gene and Sheryl opted to arrive at the airport a little later this morning as did Peggy after the late night. Deanna is there with her suitcase trying to catch a flight to Dallas. She would head out to a gate and then 30 minutes later return until the next flight. Then she would repeat the whole scenario. Finally, late afternoon, she left and did not return. There really are a lot of us for the work that needs to be done. We picked up 13 new foundation members including Sailesh's family and three people that he talked with at the gala the night before. Steve's sister, Mary Claire, is also a new member, as is Zane's nephew.
We continue giving intermittent tours of the plane. These are a little difficult because most of the people have to have an escort to the ramp. We get six Air Canada pilots in handsome uniforms to tour and there are several American Airlines employees too. A former Lufthansa stewardess comes by but does not have time to tour. She flew on DC3's in the 50's. She still has the glamorous and stylish look. At 2PM the plane flies with 7 of our new members on board and all of the crew except Buff, Lewis and Patti.
Peggy has revived the old routine of serving candy and mints. She borrowed a tray from the Admiral's Club and talked them out of a bag of hard candy too. There are 8 of us remaining. After flight we pack up and head to the hotel. We eat a casual meal of mostly salads and sandwiches in the bar. This has been the easiest of our days. (Good thing as Friday was a bear!)
Gene and I have had an orientation difficulty after so many hotels of popping out of the elevator or the hotel room and heading in the wrong direction. Here at the Hilton, this is made more difficult by the fact that there are elevators on two walls, hence sometimes you go left and sometimes you go right. One good thing about today was that the wind died for the first time since we have been here and though the day was cooler, it felt a whole lot warmer.

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