Friday, March 25

Winding Down

Day two of ground school. Students: Blake Butler, Dave Buffington, Bud Cushing, Tripp Drake, Steve Jacobson and Mark Martin. They head up to Nashville to practice approaches and drop Tripp, Mark and Tom off to catch rides home. Then they did some take offs and landings in Smyrna before returning to Shelbyville for a late lunch at an Italian place on the square. Then it was more of the same until dark. The decision it to launch for Alliance on Friday due to weather concerns so the airplane is fueled and oiled. Then it is off to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner, wine and more frivolity. Can you tell that Dave Gorell is telling a flying story in that photo? A moment before, both he and Gene had their hands in the air in that same motion. George joins us and there are eight of us: Dave and Fred Gorrell, Gene and Sheryl Christian, Peggy Fairchild, Steve Jacobson and Dave Buffington. David Gorrell will drive to Nahville in the morning to catch a flight. Bud and Patti Cushing will leave in their motor home for Sun and Fun in Lakeland and the rest of us will go to Alliance with the Flagship.
The morning plan is to meet at the Midway Diner for breakfast. On the flight will be Dave Buffington, Fred Gorrell, Sheryl and Gene, Peggy and Steve. Finally got a picture of the new galley. Hard to tell perspective because it is so shiny. Will try to take one at an angle later. We have run into technical difficulties as Peggy has taken lots of good photos but we cannot find any way to get them to my computer. (ok, David, I know, but her card will not fit in anyone's card reader and no one's cable will hook to her camera)

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