Monday, March 21

Thunder Day two

Saturday night folks wanted to try something different and so Steve Jacobson chose a place called Meritage from a brochure at the hotel. We called ahead to make sure they could take a party of nine and they could. When we parked out back they called down to us from the balcony and had a table all set for us out there. Faye Simmons, the owner, treated us royally and her daughter, Ashley, the chef cooked up some wonderful food. This was the night of the larger full moon and we had a great view from our table. A good time was had by all.

True to Bob Gross's prediction, Sunday morning is much cooler and overcast. At first this is welcome until you add the wind and sitting outside under the tent. Around noon the sun came out and warming was rapid, the wind stayed, we almost lost the tent at one point but got it secured.

Forgot to mention yesterday that the latest new thing is a galley in the Flagship. Jeff Selby and his father removed one from a derelict "3" in San Antonio, but it was too far gone to use. The nice folks at American Airlines used it as a pattern and built us a shiny new one. I will get a pic of it on here before all this is over.

The crowd on Sunday was sparse at first, but it picked up around noon. And at 2, when we had to close up shop to fly, we were having to beat them away from the door. Bad timing. Just before we closed, Chef Ashley from Meritage came to see the plane and stayed with us through the flight.

When the flight was over, the plane went to the fueling area where the remainder of the crew joined her. Sheryl ferried Zane and Jeff to the main terminal and then drove to Covington. The remaining crew flew to Shelbyville. Bob Gross got a ride to Nashville to get a flight home. The remaining crew will stay in Shelbyville until the flight to the west coast on Friday. More members will be arriving for recurrent training to take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Just at sunset Blake took Peggy up in his super cub, see the photo.

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