Thursday, December 16

Stuart Air Show November 13-14

The Stuart two day show was a great success. A lot of people came through the plane and there was a lot of interest. Kent Fairchild kept the big band music of the 40'splaying outside with while his mother, Peggy, welcomed visitors in her vintage AA stewardess uniform. We had several surprise visits from Judy "Hollywood Actress" DeSantis complete with white gloves and suitcase packed for her trip to Los Angles. As she worked the crowd with her excited, "I'm so excited....I'm going to Hollywood !" routine, people gathered around to see what the fun was all about. She and Peggy added so much fun to the whole event.

Saturday night was Air Show Party night at the DeSantis home in Palm City with lots of good Italian food, beverages, music and flying stories. In attendance were the Flagship crew, four of the new Foundation members and a group of current and retired American Airlines pilots and their spouses. Thanks to Judy DeSantis for all of the planning and work putting the event together! It was a great time.

Monday morning, Nov. 15 at 10 AM, the Flagship Detroit took off from KSUA with Bob Gross at the controls, Gene Christian in the right seat and Peggy Fairchild as Stewardess. Dave Buffington and Tony DeSantis assisted as 15 people took their seats in the cabin for a 50 minute flight around the Treasure Coast. On board were 9 new Foundation members and 6 comp riders from the Air Show staff and sponsors. We flew down the coast toward Jupiter Island and flew over Celine Dion's house(with her 500,000 gallon water park in the backyard) and Tiger Woods' new home on the ocean and intercoastal waterway. From there, Bob flew us over his house in Tailwinds Airpark in Jupiter, to Lake Okeechobee and finally back to Stuart. Everyone loved the ride and thanked us profusely for bringing the Flagship Detroit to Stuart.

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