Friday, March 26

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Sunday, March 21 the forecast is for 64 degrees and 30% chance of rain. It was in the 40's and never got over 55. It at least drizzled most of the day. It was not so bad at first. It was dry and Charlie and Randy were there ahead of us, followed shortly by Tom and Anita. Tom is retired from BMW and he and Anita are hard workers and so very helpfu to us. Anita has brought still warm cinnamon coffee cake and double chocolate muffins. Both are to die for! She also brought fruit, but who cares about that when you have chocolate.
We sat up shop under the wing because we knew it would rain at some point. Rule of thumb is females run the shop, males do tours, tell about the pland, all planes and tell war stories. Problem is, shop is outside in the cold and wind and male duties are mostly inside the plane. None of us seem to have warm enough clothes due to listening to the weather folks. I was wearing two shirts, and two jackets and still freezing. Mostly hands, feet and face. Perhaps there is no such thing as warm enough, standing under the wing of an airplane in the rain and a pretty good wind.
We were surprised at how many people came. Reporters from two TV stations and one newspaper came by and we are hopeful this will bring more folks out on a Monday. Hard to estimate numbers but we had someone in the plane from 10 AM until 4:30 PM and most of them were so very enthusiastic. We sold tee shirts, hats and accepted donations. We took in about $400. We are still hoping to get enough people together to sell at least one ride. Sometimes we took a short break in the terminal to warm up but the Democrats were trying to pass the healthcare bill and it was hard to listen to that for very long. Cold and wind were preferable.
At the end of the day, Charlie followed us to our motel and waited while we freshened up, then led us downtown to a micro-brewery for dinner. Someone had told us about an Irish Pub near the motel and John wanted to go to that but it could wait. Tom and Anita are there already and she is drinking hot tea. I tell the waitress to bring me what she has as we are still cold. Charlie's wife, Gerri joins us also. For the first time since Thursday night I had a meal, and it was excellent. I heard the beer was good too.
Tomorrow is predicted to be cooler but at least not raining. Our hosts say they will send us warmer jackets to wear. Ah, the gypsy life!! Are we having fun yet?
Yes, when the 30 something tells us about Grandpa flying a DC3 and now he is seeing one for the first time. Yes, when the 84 year old WWII vet goes home and brings his war pics back to share with us. Yes,when young aviators go through the plane two and three times with stars in their eyes. And yes, watching the love of my life so excited, telling the stories again and again all day without pause and each time with the same enthusiasm as the first time. Yes, we are having fun!!

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